Pimp ‘N Ho Rodeo 2012

4 06 2012

Once again CKS and NRS sponsered the pre Disco Night, Pimp N’ Ho raft rodeo in the downtown Buena Vista playpark. This year Margo, Kathryn, Kelly and I got after it with a superhero theme and a kick-ass attitude. The play hole was considerably lower and definitely a little easier to stay in. We tried a couple different strategies including back-loading and ‘cafe’ style. We spun, we flipped and we got after it. Once again however we were just too gangster for the competition and the judges gave us second place.

Gettin’ it with the back-load, we flipped shortly after :)

That’s my leg and arm and true colors, USA!

Westwater Wood-Boner Engagement Float, yeah that’s for real

29 04 2012

Yes, the engaged couple I live with are the Wood and Boner and we just had any amazing float in the desert. Perfect way to kick off the summer season, tan and happy. The section we floated is from Loma, CO to Cisco, UT and goes about 50 mi on the Colorado River and through three canyons. Ruby and Horsethief Canyons are quite flat, but Westwater Canyon contains about 4 mi of super fun, big water rapids, waves and holes, waves and holes.

Ruby Canyon, full of black rocks


The only shade is on the boat

Side hike!

Surfing Mission

11 08 2011

I heart summer. and my little boat. Some shots from the play park in BV. Thanks lex for the photos!

Paddling up to the play wave

Getting in there


Half pirouette, half just holding on


Getting surfed

Actually didn't flip this one


10 06 2011

So these photos have started to surface so I’ll put them up. Colorado Kayak Supply and the Lariat Bar and Grill sponser a raft rodeo in the Buena Vista play-park every year. I was lucky enough to be the ‘pimp’ and guide my boat full of lady friends in this event. Points are scored for looking good, costumes and of course, carnage! We got second this year but of course we were first in our opinions!

Surfing that hole!

Getting in there!

I'm going for the dry flip (the squirrel move). I didn't make it, haha!

The Buffalo Joe rodeo squad


Royal Gorge Mission

19 05 2011

I spent this week in Canon City, back at the old Echo stomping grounds, to refresh my Wilderness First Responder. I went down a day early and met up with my buddy Jesse Saul and his girlfriend for a quick evening run. The water was just around 1000 cfs, not the raging I always hope for but a great time as always. The light in that 1000 ft. crack is so nice in the evening!

Floating slowly into the Gorge

In and out of the sun

1000 ft. straight up to the bridge!


Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

9 05 2011

I’ve recently been digging around for the odd rafting photos over the years. Here are a couple shots from the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. They say there are two raft trips you should quit your job for: the Grand Canyon and the Middle Fork. We did this trip in August ’08 on Sunshine’s permit draw. The river level was right around 2′, which is fairly low but definitely still fun-runnable. We put in at Boundary Creek and rafted for eight days through one of the most desolate places in the lower 48 (largest area without roads to be precise). We saw black bears, swam through underwater canyons and showered in hot spring waterfalls on the river bank. The Middle Fork of the Salmon is quite an incredible and truly wilderness trip.

Logan is rowing our raft through some of the narrow upper stretches of the canyon.

I’m rowing Velvet Falls in the upper canyon; nothing too major at 2′.

Numbers ‘Full Day’ in early May!

8 05 2011

Once again the Arkansas Valley was blessed with a beautiful and hot spring day. My friends Maggie, Kevin, their sister-in-law Jen and my buddy Barry took out Maggie and Kevin’s 15′ Saturn! We put in just below the Pine Creek hole. The river was just below 600 cfs when I checked the gauge this morning before we left; plenty of water for the big red boat! For the first day this season the Numbers really started to look like the Numbers; waves crashing over the boat from the front and side. Many of the LFR’s (little ‘friendly’ rocks) that I have been slinkin’ and slidin’ over the last few weeks, were covered. Good to go white-watering with an awesome paddle crew.

Barry and Kevin bowsing.

Today was the first time I’ve seen Frog Rock Rapid since the work completed there last fall. The left side has been completely dredged eliminating the need for portaging at lower flows. The Park Service also placed several large boulders in the river above the right channel. This was not done to ‘block’ the channel from approaching rafts but as a technique to slow the already very low fall flows enough to dam and divert the river and access the undercut rock in the rapid. There are also two new large red signs about 300 ft above the rapid warning of the sieve danger in the right channel. The rapid certainly looks much different but it should be considerably easier at most lower water flows. I believe with the flows we are going to see this year, there is considerable potential for the rocks placed by the Park Service to roll downstream, but I doubt that could significantly change the standard left raft line.

Brown’s Canyon

5 05 2011

Yesterday, 70′s and sunny, too nice to resist a long, slow float through Brown’s. Kelly, Margo and I took my 10′er and paddled only when necessary, enjoying the warm and the company, the scenery and the good vibes of a day in Brown’s. The water was somewhere in the 450-500 cfs range. Rumors about more water releases are being heard in the community. apparently there is mounting concern that the levels in the Frying Pan Reservoir might be on the scary high side. If you aren’t aware, there is an amazing system of tunnels and pumps spread through the mountains that allows water to be pumped from the western slope to the Arkansas River, a major artery for the Eastern Slope. With the added water from the Fry-Ark deal, we could see our summer flows (700+ cfs) any day now!

Pine Creek/Numbers

3 05 2011

Weather cleared up today, clear sunny skies for all but a little this afternoon; R2 mission this time with Pat’s girlfriend Heather. The upper upper Ark is still about the same flow, 440-ish but it seemed just bit higher today, judging by the entrance move in Pine Creek Rapid. NOAA predicts the next 10 days to be 60-70 degree temperatures during the day yet dropping back to the low 30′s in the night. As long as the clouds don’t block out the sun this should start a little melting, but not too much due to the low nighttime temps. Bring it up slow! Although the Ark snow-pack is higher the levels in 2008, we are still several hundred lower than this date that year. Just saving it!!

Number’s Mission, last day of April

30 04 2011

Even though the high today was suppose to be 42, we were surprised with bright sun and no wind this morning. A couple of my kayaking friends and I took our boats up to the pine creek put-in. I launched my new 10′ raft, first voyage as officially my boat, just below the hole. The banks were covered in light snow, but once we got out of the Granite Gorge, everything was peachy and warm. We startled a herd of elk just below the Number’s put-in and got the see one charge across the river, all his buddies just watched. The level was right around 440. Good to get one more mission before May as there is a good chance the Numbers will be commercially closed for a good portion of the early season. That’s cool, Brown’s will be big!

Just missing some snow clouds coming over Mt. Princeton, we are suppose to get quite a bit of snow in those hills this weekend


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